Human and machine

PassworD works with machine translation software and with ‘human translators’.

We cherish personal contact with both our customers and our translators. That’s our recipe for the best results.

We opt for human translation if dictated by the text, delivering creative translations with the right tone-of-voice.

And we opt for high-quality machine translation, delivering good and affordable translations that have been post-edited by an experienced translator.
So you know the translation is correct.

Finger-licking blogs – every time

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Often, translators are also copywriters. That’s because of their love for language, but also because the two trades are so close to one another. This article is for all those translators writing blogs. And believe me, there are a lot of them! You write weblogs to reach a specific audience. You want your readers to […]

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Good communication makes the world go round. It promotes success, prevents problems and fosters relationships, contributing to global wealth and well-being. Communication primarily takes place using spoken and written language.

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Mission statement

PassworD supports customers in designing their international communications, so they add value to the quality of their products or services.

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  • "We are very pleased with the cooperation with PassworD, which we would describe as friendly, fast, punctual and very professional."
  • "People compliment me on the quality of the translations!"
  • "Great service and commitment! This translation company knows what translation is all about."

The ten PassworD promises

1 – Quick answers to all your questions

2 – Rapid response to your email

3 – All translations by native speakers

4 – An expert translator for each text

5 – Four-eyes principle for each text

6 – Delivery to our commitments

7 – A single point of contact for all your projects

8 – Troubleshooting prior to the start of the project

9 – Layout always intact

10 – A dedicated translation memory

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Certification & Quality Assurance

PassworD is ISO 17100:2015 certified. That’s the European standard for translation services, which imposes strict requirements on quality assurance, service provision and general management. This also means that all steps in the translation process are both transparent and verifiable.

Once a year, a Kiwa auditor comes and audits us, usually in April or May. This year, PassworD has again passed with flying colours. No suggestions for improvement were made.

PassworD is a VViN-affiliated agency. VViN, the Netherlands Association of Translation Companies, promotes ongoing improvement in the quality of the services provided by translation agencies in the Netherlands.