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Often, translators are also copywriters. That’s because of their love for language, but also because the two trades are so close to one another. This article is for all those translators writing blogs. And believe me, there are a lot of them!

You write weblogs to reach a specific audience. You want your readers to return – again and again. But that requires variety in your content. This blog gives you a head start with a number of scrumptious suggestions for a varied diet. And if you are as fond of food as I am, these ideas should get both your gastric and your creative juices flowing!

Heart-healthy BreakfastHeart-healthy Breakfast
These are blogs you could write frequently. They are light, upbeat and easily digestible, giving your readers a great start to their day. A few simple ingredients are all that is necessary to inspire your regular visitor to internalize your message – consume the food you’ve served, so to speak. Season this dish liberally with important keywords to trigger the required response in your target audience. If there is one dish you really must learn how to prepare and serve well, it’s the Heart-healthy Breakfast – so get practising!

Warm Winter StewWarm Winter Stew
This dish has a more substantial consistency. Use these blogs to engage your reader through your authority and expertise on a certain subject. They should represent part of a staple diet – meat and two veg, if you like. Though such articles require a significant time investment, they do place you a cut above the rest. However, don’t publish too many of these – you’ll give your poor guest indigestion! Maybe in a ratio of 1:10 to the Heart-healthy Breakfast.

Thick Juicy SteakThick Juicy Steak
Investigative and research-based articles fall into this category, as they contain lots of meaty content. They reference a variety of sources and contain many links, both to your own work and to external sites. Use this blog dish to address major changes in your region or sector, for instance. Serve this dish well and sparingly (infrequently) and you will really generate lots of attention. But beware, they require a lot of effort and are not to be prepared frivolously!

Fiery Jalapeno ThaiFiery Jalapeño Thai
If you really want to throw in the odd firecracker to liven up your readership, then this is the ideal dish. Make an outrageous suggestion and then try and defend it. For instance, ‘entrepreneurs should spend at least four hours a day on social media’. Add lots of spicy links to others who support your position. Serve sporadically and without warning to generate plenty of feedback. But beware, too much spice spoils the effect and just leaves your reader gasping for air!

Tantalizingly Tempting TiramisuTantalizingly Tempting Tiramisu
Here’s how to keep your readers coming back time after time – give them a real treat and serve them a mouth-watering dessert from time to time. Something light and sweet to bring a smile to their faces. Ingredients should include appealing images and perhaps a short video or two. They should be self-effacing – don’t take yourself too seriously in these posts. Just enjoy yourself and your readers will lap up your yummy pudding.

Good luck!

And, er, Bon Appétit…

Thanks to Lloyd for writing this article.
Based on a Dutch blog by Jos Veldwijk

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