Beaphar is a Dutch manufacturer of an extensive range of medicines and care products for pets. They also make animal feed for birds, rabbits and rodents. The company was founded by a family of highly motivated people, with a passion for pets. The company has around 400 employees. Because its products are sold all over the world, they have to meet strict requirements. This high quality must also be reflected in the translations, which must be absolutely flawless.

Beaphar selected PassworD as its preferred translation supplier in January 2018 and we are constantly evaluating the processes we set up for efficiency and to guarantee the required quality.

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  • "We are very pleased with the cooperation with PassworD, which we would describe as friendly, fast, punctual and very professional."
  • "People compliment me on the quality of the translations!"
  • "Great service and commitment! This translation company knows what translation is all about."