Robeco is an international asset manager offering an extensive range of active investments, from equities to bonds. Research lies at the heart of everything Robeco does. With a ‘pioneering but cautious’ approach it navigates the investment landscape, as pure play Investment Engineers. Robeco has assets under management of EUR 155 billion (June 2020) and employs 855 people in 17 offices worldwide (June 2020).

Robeco is a customer that makes your eyes light up. PassworD has been Robeco’s preferred translation supplier since 2009. A close and good collaboration, an opportunity to provide considerable added value and to grow with such a big name in asset management. Thanks in part to working with Rabobank Nederland in 1990, IRIS in 1994 and Robeco in later years, we have become financial experts in this field.

PassworD has been Robeco’s preferred translation supplier for languages including German, Spanish, French, Italian, English, Chinese and Dutch.

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