Our vision

Good communication makes the world go round. It promotes success, prevents problems and fosters relationships, contributing to global wealth and well-being. Communication primarily takes place using spoken and written language.

Given the massive amount of information we are bombarded with each and every day, it’s all hands on deck to let your message stand out from the crowd. And you need a text that is clear, correct and persuasive. No matter where your target audience is based.

So it certainly would be true to say that communication makes the world go round. That’s why a text has to be effective in any language.

Onze missie

PassworD supports customers in designing their international communications, so they add value to the quality of their products or services.

We help companies and organisations in putting their message across abroad, in such a way that they achieve their intended objective and leave a positive and lasting impression. With a focus on quality and creativity.

PassworD sets great store by good relationships. With our customers, and our in-house team, external translators and other suppliers. We are convinced that this adds the most value to our translations. Value for the customer.

  • "We are very pleased with the cooperation with PassworD, which we would describe as friendly, fast, punctual and very professional."
  • "People compliment me on the quality of the translations!"
  • "Great service and commitment! This translation company knows what translation is all about."